Apex Legends fan may have stumbled upon an in-game Revenant teaser

A glowing eye makes a World’s Edge appearance.

Screengrab via PlayApex

With Apex Legends season four less than a month away, it seems like fans may be getting a sneak peek at new content.

An Apex Legends fan encountered an odd Easter egg in Capitol City today that may hint at Revenant’s season four debut. The fan’s partner posted the discovery on Twitter today, appealing to renowned data miner That1MiningGuy for an explanation.

“I know people have been talking about Easter eggs and possible teasers for the new season of Apex, but I don’t know if anyone has noticed this yet,” the fan’s partner tweeted. “My girlfriend found it today in one of the buildings in Capitol City [sic]. Looks like an eye?”

The glowing eye can apparently be seen through a window when looking into a Capitol City building at the right angle. Getting a closer look at the potential Easter egg, however, proves harder than it seems. The eye isn’t visible to players inside of the building, only to those on the outside.

The player’s suspicions were supported by That1MiningGuy, who believes the glowing eye is “worth investigating more.” The data miner explained that it looks similar to artwork for upcoming character Revenant.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information nor has it revealed Revenant to be the next character to join the battle royale’s roster. But several teasers do suggest that his Outlands debut may be coming soon.

Players got a first look at Revenant in October’s Fight or Fright trailer when he tormented Pathfinder in an alternate dimension. And data miners found a potential moveset for the character last summer.

More information on the teaser will likely be revealed soon with That1MiningGuy, along with other players, attempt to duplicate the encounter themselves.