Apex Legends fan fuses together Kings Canyon and World’s Edge to make the map “we secretly dream about”

Welcome Kings Edge to the Outlands.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

How can Respawn create a map that every Apex Legends fan enjoys? One player has the answer.

An Apex fan put their photoshop skills to the test, using one half of Kings Canyon and the other half of World’s Edge to create “Kings Edge.” The fusion combines the better drop spots from both maps, making a favorable battle royale experience for all.

To please nearly every Apex player in the world, Kings Edge brings back the infamous Skull Town for fraggers who want an adrenaline rush. The new map also includes several memorable Kings Canyon locations, such as Runoff, Airbase, and Bunker.

This appeals to a wide array of mains, as well. The Wraiths and Pathfinders of the Outlands have wide-open spaces to take advantage of. And Caustic and Wattson aficionados still have a place to lock down with their defensive traps.

Kings Edge also brings back World’s Edge’s lava and ice, providing varied terrain for fans who want to gaze at the scenery. The new Fragment West and Fragment East locations, a part of season four’s map update, are popular locations with good loot. And players can still visit popular outskirts locations just to farm up some gear.

The fan-made map even caught the attention of former CS:GO pro shroud, who tweeted it earlier today with the caption “Best of both worlds????”

Though Respawn just brought back Kings Canyon for the second split of season four, many fans would be excited to see Kings Edge make a season five appearance.