Apex Legends fan designs level calendar for season 4

It’s perfect for tracking your progress through the battle pass.

Screengrab via EA Games

Apex Legends’ fourth season reached the servers yesterday and completionists are already chasing after full Battle Pass progression. But the less hardcore players can find a handy tool to keep track of their advancement in the Battle Pass.

A player designed a “level calendar” that outlines what level players should be and when if they want to complete the Battle Pass. Based on their calculations, it takes gaining over one XP bar per day to reap the rewards.

The calendar is divided into two columns based on how far users want to progress. The leftmost column shows the progression for players who want to land at level 100 and break even, while the one on the right is for players who want to take it to the fullest and receive a special badge and another weapon skin.

For the first week, players must gain exactly one level each day if they want to reach 100 and another extra level overall if they’re aiming for 110. This is the easy part of the challenge because as part of Apex’s first anniversary, Respawn is giving a 10,000 XP bonus on the first match, available once each day.

The numbers get a bit more complicated as time flows, however. In the first month, players should have at least 31 levels in their Battle Pass to get the base rewards or 34 levels for full completion.

Players will have to grind more throughout March than they did in February, though. They should reach April 7 at level 69 if they’re going for the basic completion or at 76 if they intend to get the full rewards. The goal should be done by May 5, three months after the season launched.

Apex’s season four Battle Pass can only be purchased with Apex Coins, an in-game currency purchasable with real money. The pass costs 950 coins, equivalent to approximately $10. Just unlocking the Battle Pass gives players the legendary R-99 Zero Point skin and three epic visuals for Pathfinder, Lifeline, and Crypto.

Players can also find plenty of cosmetics for legends and weapons, as well as crafting metals, as they progress through the Battle Pass. Players dedicated enough to make it all the way to level 100 will be gifted with a Flatline skin with a silver accent color. Those who reach level 110 will gain a special badge, coupled with another, flashier version of the Flatline skin.