Apex Legends devs looking for feedback on colorblind settings after Dec. 3 changes missed the mark

Respawn is looking to fix the issues with community feedback.

Image via Electronic Arts

An Apex Legends patch from earlier this month aimed to make the battle royale more accessible to colorblind players. But it seems to have done the opposite.

Respawn designer Chad Armstrong tweeted at colorblind players yesterday, acknowledging that the recent changes may have made things worse. Now devs are collecting feedback to fix the issue once and for all.

“We recently changed armor to support colorblind modes,” Armstrong said. “However, it sounds like for some of you this change has made things worse. I’m hoping to fix that, but to do that I need to [sic] hear a description of what you’re experiencing.”

The Dec. 3 patch was supposed to make helmets and body armor appear “slightly more vibrant” for colorblind players. But numerous fans on a Reddit post and in the Twitter thread feel that the armor and ammunition types look very similar to each other.

One fan suggested allowing colorblind players to choose the colors that appear on screen, making it more customizable from person to person. And another player explained that different body armor models and textures might make them more distinguishable.

This isn’t the only issue colorblind players have in Apex. Some players are also complaining about how difficult it is to see the reticle when aiming.

“Let us customize reticles and crosshairs as extensively as in Battlefield 4,” a player commented on the Reddit post. “I’m having a very hard time with the reds of the HCOGs on green backgrounds.”

Though colorblind players may be having difficulties when jumping into the Arena, it appears devs are willing to put in the work to fix the problems.