Apex Legends deploys hotfix with “several stability fixes” and solution to missing textures

Devs are “still investigating” issues that stop some players from logging in.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ latest hotfix contains two small improvements: “several stability fixes” and a solution for a glitch that showed some skins without any textures, according to Respawn. In addition to the problems tackled in the hotfix, the dev team is “still investigating” an issue that prevents some players from logging in.

The texture glitch interfered with how the game displayed some cosmetics. Skins showed up as gray and untextured, as opposed to their usual detailed look, and the issue seemed to be particularly common for newly-released skins. Several of the latest cosmetics would show up with unrendered textures, both in the Firing Range and during matches, according to reports.

Players flagged the issue more often with cosmetics from the Anniversary Event, particularly with Bloodhound’s Hunter Moon and Lifeline’s Hot Blooded skins. Other Battle Pass visuals, such as Loba’s Boundless Envy, also reportedly appear with missing textures.

The hotfix also deployed a patch for “several stability fixes,” which will likely improve the game’s performance and mitigate crashes or freezes. Players reported encountering generalized FPS drops and stability issues.

Parallel to the hotfix, Respawn is also investigating an issue that prevents players from logging in and sends them into an endless loop after pressing continue, according to reports. In addition, players could also get stuck in the title screen without getting the “continue” prompt to enter the lobby. The issues compound with another recent bug: loading in and out of lobbies seems to take longer, even at the end of a match or after a squad wipe.