Apex Legends data miner shows Titans might be coming as part of a new character’s kit

Titans might make an appearance.

An Apex Legends data miner found evidence of a new character’s ability that could call in a Titan to assist them on the battlefield. 

Titans are a staple of the Titanfall series, which inspired the popular spinoff, Apex. Fans have thought about Titans appearing in the game since the beginning and this was almost the case, according to the developers.

VG247 recently reported on a video posted by data miner Biast1, which shows the rumored character Blisk calling in a Titan. The clip shows the Titan landing and covering the surrounding area with heavy gunfire. The Titan self-destructed after a few seconds, although it's unclear how long the Titan will appear for. 

Blisk is a rumored Apex character that was leaked in 2019 alongside Crypto, Revenant, and Loba. But only an image of Blisk from Titanfall appeared in the leak and no specific character abilities were displayed. 

Biast12 also posted images of the Apex character select screen showing several new legends. These images show seven new legend slots, including Blisk, Ash, and Fuse. Fuse was recently introduced to the game and Ash has been a long-rumored character. Characters often drastically change before they're released, but these images provide some excitement for potential upcoming legends. 

Respawn has not confirmed if Blisk or Titans are coming to Apex and the video could be old assets left in the game files. But Titans appearing in the game would make sense considering Apex is set in the Titanfall universe.