Apex Legends bug cancels actions and makes players think their controllers are broken

Respawn knows about the issue, though.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Several Apex Legends players, regardless of the platform used, encountered an issue last night where the game makes them believe that their controllers or keyboards are broken, a Reddit thread shows.

When some players hold a button to do long actions like sprinting, aiming, or reviving, it cancels for no reason. This can result in death if the bug occurs during a crucial action, such as reviving.

The bug is listed as a known recurring issue since the patch that introduced the Grand Soirée time-limited event. It says “Cancellation issues. Sprinting, Sliding, Reviving, Survey Beacons, Grapple, Opening Vault” on the thread.

Dozens of other bugs were identified by Respawn and will be corrected later. One of them prevents players from respawning, which is also crucial to last in a game.

Respawn has been transparent about the bugs that have appeared in Apex since Jan. 13. More of them have been added to the official list every day and are expected to be corrected soon.

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The Grand Soirée event will bring numerous new game modes to Apex. The mode that’s live from Jan. 14 to 15 is Gold Rush, featuring all weapons strengthened up to a Gold-tier power.

Six other limited-time game modes will rotate every two days. The next one to be introduced, on Jan. 16, is called Live. Die. Live. Players who are eliminated but have teammates alive will respawn when the ring closes to give them another chance without using a respawn beacon.

The Grand Soirée event also introduced new missions for players to earn Apex packs with new skins, which are all listed here. The event started yesterday and will end on Jan. 28.