Apex fans get a glimpse of Olympus map with new Instagram filter

A brief view of the city in the clouds.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ new map, Olympus, is a little over a week away, but Respawn shared a glimpse of what the map may look like in-game with an Instagram filter today. Based on the preview, the new arena may take place in a suspended location similar to the “UFO” in Kings Canyon.

The filter shows a large suspended structure raised in the air by some red balloons, like Apex‘s UFO, and a handful of spots near it: two industrial towers and a colossal ironclad structure reminiscent of a laboratory or one of the Hammond facilities on World’s Edge.

The towers appeared in promotional material showing Olympus and the Instagram filter likely depicts a part of the actual arena. Fans have been trying to enhance the promotional images to learn even more about the upcoming map with positive results.

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A player posted a desaturated version of a promo piece that sheds some light on what a part of Olympus could look like. It appears to be designed with hallways and walkways spread throughout the city and around smaller, pod-like structures. The image also shows skyscrapers in the far background and two cherry blossom trees in a hallway.

Olympus is coming to Apex on Nov. 4 when season seven launches. But fans will likely get a first look at the map for good during the season seven launch trailer, scheduled to debut tomorrow.