Apex fan creates concept badge for players who don't abandon matches

Nobody likes a quitter.

Image via EA.

You’re in a firefight in Apex Legends. One of your teammates was killed, and you have to finish the rest of the enemy squad before picking up his beacon. You pull that off, despite the numerical disadvantage, but when you reach your squadmate’s death box, they quit, leaving you outgunned for the rest of the match.

Early quitters are an unsettlingly common sight in Apex, and most of the community doesn’t take too kindly to them. But instead of punishing leavers, a player created a concept for a badge that would reward those who stick until the end.

The loyalty badge is designed like an Escape key on a computer keyboard. It would be obtainable in three ranks based on a percentage of matches left, according to its concept. Players would first obtain the badge by leaving less than three percent of their games.

To unlock the other ranks, players would have to be even more devoted to their teams. The badge’s second level would require leaving less than two percent of matches, and to get the ultimate rank badge, players are only allowed to leave less than one percent of games played.

The creator wants the badge to be somewhat fluid and allow players to navigate its ranks. “It would be a dynamic badge that you can lose over time, and then earn back again if you try,” they said.

The reasoning behind the badge isn’t to rub it in quitters’ faces, but as a signal for squadmates.

“This wouldn’t be about trying to shame quitters,” its creator said. “It is instead about celebrating those of us who are willing to stick it out, thick or thin, and not abandon our team. No one would be punished for not having this badge.”