Apex design director says Respawn is listening to the community, promises “cool stuff” in season 4

Jason McCord responded to some common fan demands.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community has long asked for new permanent game modes and map selection, and it seems Respawn Entertainment is listening to fans’ appeals.

Design director Jason McCord shared that developers are looking into suggestions from Apex fans and promised new elements for season four. A fan asked McCord about several community demands, and even though the designer didn’t give exact details, he teased that there’s more to come with season four.  

“All I can say is we hear you on all these points and we have some cool stuff coming this season!” McCord replied.

The series of tweets from the fan echoes a common chorus in the Apex community. Players have long requested alternate permanent game modes such as solos or duos, and the two-player mode finally made its way to the servers in November and returned briefly for a Valentine’s Day-themed event.

Map selection also became a regular topic following the introduction of World’s Edge in season three. The new arena was highly different from its predecessor but lacked some of the elements that made Kings Canyon popular with most players. The original map is on a limited-time rotation until tomorrow, Feb. 24, and will return for the rest of season four on March 24 as part of the second split.

Another issue the user mentioned concerns heirloom sets, the rarest item in Apex. Players are guaranteed to obtain one heirloom every 500 Apex Packs, but they can’t choose which one. This means that the most die-hard fans can spend hundreds of dollars to get an heirloom set for a character they rarely use.

McCord was sparse with details on what type of “cool stuff” is coming to Apex over the course of the season. It’s possible that the novelties will arrive in the next split alongside the return of Kings Canyon, but it seems that fans will have to wait for more news.