Apex data miner finds Revenant in game files

The unreleased legend could be coming soon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Just days after the release of Crypto, Apex Legends’ new character, a mysterious new legend has popped up in the game files. 

This new legend is expected to be called “Revenant,” and we have known about his existence for a while. In August, data-miner That1MiningGuy named Revenant’s abilities, including a mysterious “shadow form.” This could be tied in with the planned game modes for late October, however, as recent leaks suggest.

Revenant has appeared in the game’s recent update files. He is supposedly under the codename “Blackout,” suggesting that this is used as a placeholder until closer to the release, according to That1MiningGuy. 


On Oct. 2, YouTuber Shrug found supposed voice-lines for the unreleased legend. In the files, the legend takes over the role of the announcer and relays information about the game’s events, such as ring moving and champion eliminated. His voice sounds like a male robot, but he has a deeper tone than Pathfinder. 

The “Shadow Squad” mode has previously been leaked and is expected to tie in with Revenant, since he is the one that is supposedly causing this event. Players will be dropped into a night version of Kings Canyon and battle to the death. But there is a twist, players that are eliminated will be reborn on the new Shadow Squad faction and hunt the living. 

This links with Revenant’s Shadow abilities, so fans may get their first preview of the mysterious character later this month. His release date is unknown, however.