Apex bug shoots Pathfinder into the air after using Survey Beacon

Pathfinder's passive just got a whole lot better.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Pathfinder has a useful passive ability, Insider Knowledge, which informs players of the location of the next storm. But it also has the ability to skyrocket Pathfinder into the air. 

A fan discovered this bug yesterday during a duos match with only 12 players remaining. Although the maneuver is risky, the player decided to interact with the Survey Beacon while the storm was closing in. After the animation was complete, the player obtained the whereabouts of the next storm and got shot into the air. 

The player was dropped from the sky and landed in Fragment East, not far from the location of the Survey Beacon. 

Multiple other players said this same bug occurred while interacting with the Survey Beacons located at Overlook and Thermal Station, for example, which suggests that this interaction could be common. 

One explanation for this glitch occurring is that it involves the physics of the animation. The animation moves Pathfinder toward the Beacon but then puts him back to his previous location. Since the player was located next to the roof prior to the interaction, a collision with the roof lip sent him flying, according to another player

Players could abuse this bug to search for enemies since they’re being shot up into the air with full vision of the map from above. It’s somewhat similar to a redeploy from other games, like Fortnite, where players can safely glide back down while being granted vision of the map. 

Considering this bug occurs frequently and could grant an unfair advantage to players, Respawn should fix it soon.