Apex bug makes Mirage’s ultimate cloak visible through Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection

Uh oh.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

This is the buff Gibraltar definitely doesn’t need.

One Apex Legends player encountered an interesting bug yesterday that makes Mirage visible during his Life of the Party ultimate, which typically gives the legend one second of invisibility while five decoys spawn around him and mirror his actions. When looking at the Holographic Trickster through Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, however, Mirage’s transparent outline is seemingly detectable.

The Apex player was being pushed by an opposing duo when they dropped the bubble shield for added protection. The enemy Mirage then tried to sneak their way into the dome but was detected by Gibraltar, who punched the trickster a couple of times before downing them with the Mastiff. The opposing Mirage was also visible while downed, even though they’re supposed to be invisible for five seconds while a decoy spawns.

Prior to season five buffs, Mirage’s Vanishing Act cloaked the legend while producing a few standing decoys. But he was still partially visible, making it an underwhelming ability. The updated ultimate gave the trickster far more flexibility and outplay potential.

It’s unclear what exactly caused this bug and when it started, but one player commented that it was a “rendering bug” based on how the engine reads a transparent surface over another transparent one. If the glitch continues to adversely affect gameplay, Respawn will likely patch it out in a future update.