Apex bug fixes ‘incoming’ for login issues, rapid melee exploit, and final ring ending over Mirage Voyage

Players affected by the "code:clog" error will also be awarded 25 BP levels.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn outlined a few “incoming” bug fixes today that are set to hit Apex Legends soon, solving several pesky problems in the Outlands.

While it's unclear exactly when the update will be deployed, players can expect a quick fix for three different issues: a login error, a melee exploit, and an unfortunate ring that ends over Mirage Voyage.

Unlucky Apex players have reported enemies melee attacking rapidly, delivering a flurry of kicks reminiscent of Ryu's Hurricane Kick from Street Fighter. It appears that this bug previously found its way into the Outlands and is making a resurgence in season eight. The exploit should be fixed in the upcoming update.

Several players also complained one month ago on the EA forums about the final Kings Canyon ring occasionally ending aboard the Mirage Voyage. One player asked how they're "supposed to land on the ship when the enemies just waiting there for you... a lost battle from the start." The last zone should be more balanced now after the removal of this ring location.

And while some continue to have issues logging in, Respawn may have found a solution to one error. Affected players will receive a "code:clog" error message before finally being able to log in. Those who encounter code:clog will also be granted 25 free battle pass levels.

As for players who continue to have problems logging into Apex, Respawn has added in extra error messages to further help diagnosing the issue.

"We'll keep working until they're all solved," Respawn said.