Apex bug allows for instant revives

Your teammate will be up and running before you can say “Mozambique here.”

Apex Legends cheater problem
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Instant reviving may sound like the work of a cheater, but odds are it could just be a bug in Apex Legends.

A video showing a lightning-fast revive has surfaced on Apex’s subreddit. It depicts a Pathfinder rescuing a downed teammate who was on top of a rock. The pair dropped off shortly before Pathfinder pressed the resurrect button. The height difference canceled the animation and got the other player back on their feet instantly.

The revived teammate wasn’t downed but was placed in a state of virtual undeath. The player who posted the video said they could move and shoot, but were unable to heal and were instantly killed after getting shot. Another user suggested a cause for the bug.

“This happens when you’re on the ground a bit above someone and tap the res key,” they said. “From what I understand from it, animation glitches out cause game tries to ‘pull you down’ to downed teammate’s ground level to initiate the res animation and fails immediately due to different ground levels.”

The user also shared more information on the state of the semi-death that follows the bug. Players can’t loot items, use items, or get healed by Lifeline’s drone. If their remaining squadmates are downed, it counts as a loss for the team. The game essentially treats players revived with the glitch as if they were still downed, despite allowing the use of weapons and movement.

The allure of being instantly revived may be hard to resist, but apparently the cons of using this glitch far outweigh the pros—and abusing it doesn’t provide an advantage. But those thinking of abusing the glitch should be quick about it. Apex’s subreddit is filled with Respawn developers and it’s likely that the bug won’t go unnoticed.