All the rewards included in Apex’s Grand Soirée Arcade event

A new event is on the horizon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is kicking off 2020 with its own celebration of the ’20s—the Roaring Twenties, that is. The battle royale’s Grand Soirée Arcade event begins Jan. 14 and will introduce new rotating limited-time game modes alongside a new way to earn prizes.

During the event, players will be able to try out seven new game modes. Each game mode will remain playable for two days before being replaced with the next mode on the list. Some of these game modes may look slightly familiar; Armed and Dangerous was previously introduced in the Void Walker event while Kings Canyon After Dark will likely share a similar map with the Shadowfall mode.

In place of event challenges, Apex Legends will offer fans a new way to earn rewards by playing games. Each rotating game mode will have three challenges worth a total of 1,000 points. Fans who play every mode will receive a special badge, although the points system won’t require fans to participate every day.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Players will earn rewards for each checkpoint they hit on their journey to rack up points. Among the list of rewards includes three weapon skins and a new look for Mirage. Respawn has yet to provide names or full details for each of the event rewards but has given fans a brief overview of the event on EA’s website.

Here are all the rewards included in Apex’s Grand Soirée Arcade event:

  • 250 points: Event badge
  • 500 points: Golden Peacekeeper skin
  • 750 points: Epic Mirage skin
  • 1,000 points: XP boost and stat tracker
  • 1,500 points: Loading screen
  • 2,000 points: Pink and gold R-301 skin
  • 2,500 points: Badge
  • 3,000 points: XP boost
  • 3,500 points: Stat tracker
  • 4,000 points: Badge and epic Havoc skin
  • 5,500 points: Legendary Havoc skin

We’ll keep the article updated as more information is released alongside the event.