Aceu says Respawn should reset Apex Legends players’ badges

He believes the game's new "fire" system still needs a few changes.

Apex Legends
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Aceu recently said he thinks Respawn should reset Apex Legends players’ badges in the wake of season 13’s new ranked system.

In a video clip shared on Reddit, Aceu is examining the distribution of players across all ranks on the Apex Legends Status website. While discussing how the distribution and percentage of players in each rank have shifted significantly thanks to the changes introduced at the beginning of season 13, he suggests that Respawn should reset all players’ badges as a second change. He’s likely referring mostly to the “Wrath” and “Wake” badges, two of the most difficult and coveted badges that players can earn for every legend.

Aceu explains in the clip that players who placed Diamond or Master last season have likely plateaued at Gold or Platinum this season. Factors behind this include the increased buy-in RP required for each rank, the higher amount of RP required to gain ranks, and the new demotion mechanic at the bottom of each tier. Aceu calls the new system “fire” and believes it’s done good things for the game by lowering the percentage of people who are in Masters and Predator.

Aceu went on to point out how many people are in Diamond IV and Platinum IV, noting that that’s “what happens when you don’t have the motions.” He noted that only four percent of players are in Master right now, which seems to be what makes him happiest about the new season and its adjusted statistics.

While it’s unlikely that Respawn will ever reset badges, as many of the awards can be earned in pubs as well as ranked, fans seemed to agree that the ranked changes have brought about mostly positive results.