Aceu pulls off 1-vs-3 clutch in Apex Legends

The enemy team never saw it coming.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Brandon “Aceu” Winn can produce some plays in Apex Legends that most players can only dream of. He recently pulled off a one-vs-three clutch against a full team to win the game.

Aceu and his team were fighting the last enemy squad in one of the final circles. Aceu was already at a disadvantage because one of his teammates was dead and needed to be revived. His other teammate was knocked down early in the fight, which left Aceu alone against three enemies.

He was able to land several Wingman shots that severely damaged the enemy players but couldn’t secure a knockdown. He realized he was outnumbered and in a bad location, so he used Wraith’s tactical ability to reach a zipline and reposition. He landed on the outskirts of the circle and found a loot box with a fresh set of armor. He quickly swapped out his armor and was ready to avenge his teammates.

Aceu immediately knocked down two of the enemies that were chasing him for the final kill. One tried to self-revive themselves when Aceu turned around, but he swiftly killed them with another shot from his Mastiff. The third and final enemy pushed Aceu but was immediately gunned down. Aceu’s performance saved his team from losing the game and further established himself as one of the best Apex players in the world.

Aceu has pulled off impressive plays in the past and recently hit a perfect Arc Star on a mid-air target. He was also surprised by a Pathfinder player hiding in plain sight who almost took out his teammate but was able to eliminate the player. Fans will likely continue to see incredible plays like these in the future.