Valve to pay $2.3 million fine after appeal dismissed by Australia's high court

The Australian Full Court found that Valve had misled its customers in its user agreement.

Sam Nordmark  -  2 hours ago

Brigitte was also nerfed in Overwatch's latest PTR patch

Blizzard forgot to mention a few more changes that hit the PTR yesterday.
Nicole Carpenter - an hour ago - Overwatch

Blizzard accidentally uploaded a major Horizon Lunar Colony overhaul to the PTR

The changes on Horizon Lunar Colony may not be final.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 hours ago - Overwatch

Death could walk among your home with this $80 Reaper action figure

Blizzard and Good Smile Company just added Reaper to the Figma lineup.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 hours ago - Overwatch

PUBG's next limited time event features armored vehicles

It's raining metal from above.
Scott Duwe - 3 hours ago - PUBG

Evil Geniuses, Mindfreak, Tainted Minds, and Epsilon qualify for Stage 2 of the CWL Pro League

These four squads emerged victorious in the 2018 relegation tournament.
Justin Binkowski - 13 hours ago - CoD

Hanzo rework, Tracer nerf live now on Overwatch's test server

The new Overwatch map is now on the PTR.
Nicole Carpenter - 18 hours ago - Overwatch

Cloud9, Na’Vi, NiP, and Astralis top DreamHack Marseille groups

The last day of the group stage will be tomorrow.
Jamie Villanueva - 18 hours ago - CS:GO

Overwatch's new map, Rialto, is now playable on the PTR

It's a new version of the Retribution map.
Nicole Carpenter - 18 hours ago - Overwatch

Can Royal and EDG keep up with Invictus and Rogue Warriors in the LPL semifinals?

RNG and EDG have been the region's best in recent years, but IG and RW are the favorites this weekend.
Xing Li - 21 hours ago - LoL